Water is persistent, and we are tool at Projectmate Pvt. Ltd, we take a holistic approach to your building. We started our company from providing services for residential projects and extended to builders for new projects. We have been in the waterproofing business for many years. And due to our increase expertise, and demand from our loyal customers, we felt the need to venture in to construction services too. Owning to the deployment of appropriate technology/skills, we have acquired a reputation in the maintenance of certified processes, meeting standards on project procurement, execution and delivery, regardless of the size of such project.

We provide each client with the highest quality in service delivery, in the shortest amount of time, and with the best customer service. Our technicians and project managers have the required skills and competence to identify potential waterproofing issues on existing buildings. We also maintain a high level of safety and a very low incidence of work-related injuries. Now into the construction field alongside our standard waterproofing business, we are as determined as ever to satisfy our clients even more than ever. With a passion for green edifices and the need for sustainable options for our clients, we have made astonishing progress in the building industry. Our staff are at the core of our success and experience. Each brings a vast array of expertise to the company. And this is the primary reason why our clients trust us to solve their various waterproofing needs in their buildings.

We provide our diverse clients not just the best state-of-the-art
but also technically proven waterproofing materials.

We provide services on, project supervision, and technical expertise for all kinds of waterproofing projects. Our team is made up of general contractors, construction managers, and engineers. As a full-service company, we take responsibility for making sure your building is free from all sorts of waterproofing problems now and in the nearest future. We also maintain an open line of communication between all parties for the duration of the project.

There are several waterproofing methods, but few of these methods can be considered as effective. If you ever need a company that will guarantee the longevity of your building without the necessary fear of water damaging it, then we find you a best solution. We got the perfect waterproofing solution that you need. Currently we are a certified applicator for some of the most leading waterproofing manufacturing companies. We have worked with clients of enormous reputation in the industry over the years and our clients know they can count on us to get the job done promptly and on budget. We have the ability and experience as well as the cutting-edge technology and equipment to ensure a successful building experience.